A Girl of Bangkok,,

Economics Students,,

Cassiopeia that AKTF♥,,

SHINee World♥,,

WIN Team A&B♥,,

Crazy in love with Taecyeon♥

Belive in Fairytales and looking for some Faraway Land,,

with love

How Long…

New Toy♥

New cute Item><

Congratulation day of My LOVE sis♥

This is for our LOVE sis♥

We choose them from our Heart„

Me ><

Happy Time with my Younger sister. Is’s Freeeeeee~♥

And She…

To… My LOVE sis♥

Thanks for everything…


This is my Hometown„

Rattanakosin exhibition Hall

At The Center of Bangkok

Is The Place that I LOVE ♥„

The real journey is Begin♥

Last day of my University that full HAPPINESS„

I’m growing up.

Yes, I Have A Dream.

And The real journey is Begin♥